The Challenge Cup Series consists of at least 9 events per year. These autocross events are great fun for all types of drivers and cars. Your quickest time through a course is what is used to determine your finishing position. Then series points are applied based on your finish. Example: 1st place gets 9 points, 2nd place gets 8 points, etc.. The one with the most points in that class at the end of the year is the Challenge Cup Winner.

The Rapide PAX Series for 2016 provides more track time. This event is held at the same time as the Challenge Cup event and runs the same course but your fastest time is multiplied by an index. This index, (2016 PAX index ), is designed to equalize cars so that all cars can be compared to each other. Winners per event are awarded cash prizes for the first 10 places, (based on entry count), and points are applied toward year end series points. For 2016 all your runs for the day go toward the Rapide Pax Challenge.

Entry fees. The entry fee for Challenge Cup Events is $35. for members and $40. for non members.

For 2016 we are planning on 8 timed runs per day.