We are excited to announce that Equipe Rapide will be administering the Maverick Region, Porsche Club of America, (PCA), autocross series for 2016.

How will this effect you? The PCA class structure and points will be available at Equipe Rapide regularly scheduled events. The logistical challenges of registration, securing event sites, insurance, equipment, course design will all be provided by Equipe Rapide.

For Equipe Rapide participants there will be some new cars and people to get to know and appreciate. PCA folks will enjoy a full 10 event schedule and Rapide PAX payout.

The 2015 program was a good start and we look forward to a growing roster of Porsche cars and drivers.

If you have questions about our events or membership please contact us at EquipeRapide@gmail.com

If you have registration questions or work assignment needs / questions please contact us at

The following is a list of clubs we travel to that put on autocross events. All these groups put on good events with fun courses.

DFW Autocross, Calendar of local events in DFW area.

Texas Region SCCA. Local events
in DFW area.

Lone Star BMW CCA

North Texas Autocross Series, (NTAXS)

Texas A&M Sports Car Club

Texas Spokes SCC. Austin area racing events & more

San Antonio Sports Car Association.
Autocross club.

Houston Region SCCA Well run
events and good sites.

West Texas Region SCCA another
club with good sites.

Equipe Rapide will be using AXWare Systems, Online Race Management (ORM), for online registration. Online registration requires payment at the time of submitting the registration. We accept debit cards and credit cards as payment.

To Register you will need to set up your account and you will need at least one car entered in your online garage. We use regular class letters. Registration closes on Friday at midnight before each event.


How To Get Started

Online Registration Help / FAQ


The fees for 2016: includes Challenge Cup and Rapide Pax entry.

Equipe Rapide member $35

Non-member $40

The Challenge Cup Series consists of at least 9 events per year. These autocross events are great fun for all types of drivers and cars. Your quickest time through a course is what is used to determine your finishing position. Then series points are applied based on your finish. Example: 1st place gets 9 points, 2nd place gets 8 points, etc.. The one with the most points in that class at the end of the year is the Challenge Cup Winner.

The Rapide PAX Series for 2016 provides more track time. This event is held at the same time as the Challenge Cup event and runs the same course but your fastest time is multiplied by an index. This index, (2016 PAX index ), is designed to equalize cars so that all cars can be compared to each other. Winners per event are awarded cash prizes for the first 10 places, (based on entry count), and points are applied toward year end series points. For 2016 all your runs for the day go toward the Rapide Pax Challenge.

Entry fees. The entry fee for Challenge Cup Events is $35. for members and $40. for non members.

For 2016 we are planning on 8 timed runs per day.

Equipe Rapide Sports Car Club was formed in 1967 and incorporated in 1995. Equipe Rapide frequently goes by its initials ER. Most of ER’s members live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. ER is a group of enthusiastic people who enjoy getting together for social activities and sports car events. The primary emphasis is on autocross and solo events. The Challenge Cup Series & Rapide PAX Series are the official competition season series of events.

Membership in ER can save you money. You get a $5.00 discount per event if you are a member of Equipe Rapide. We have a Single Membership which is $20.00/year or we have a Family Membership which is $25.00/year. If a couple joined as a Family Membership they could save $100.00 a year on entry fees. Your membership helps pay for the many expenses of running the organization.

2016 Club Leadership Members

Andy Cost – President
Mike McShane – Vice President
John Wilson – Secretary
Grant Watkins – Treasurer
Mike Dusold – Board member
Blanton Payne – Board member
Jim Bunch – Board member
Mark Schnoerr – Maverick PCA Representative
Wes Lincoln – Maverick PCA Representative

Time Schedule for 2016 Autocross Events

Registration 8:00-9:00

Entry fee is $35 for members $40 for non-members. Most events you will get 8 timed runs.

If you have done the Pre-pay option go to the right side of the trailer to get your card pulled and then go to the worker chief to get checked in and sign the waiver. The worker chief will be at the trailer.

Technical Inspection

Technical Inspection 8:15-9:15. Each car that competes must pass a safety inspection. The inspection includes wheel bearing tightness, tire tread (no cord showing), secure battery placement, removal of loose items inside the car, and proper brake/fluid operation. Other items my be checked by the inspection team. The number one item for not passing is a loose battery.

Novice Walk Through 9:00. At each event there will be an experienced driver to suggest the best way to negotiate the course. They will offer tips on how to complete the course and suggest paths that might provide quicker times. The walk through instructors are there to help the new drivers to the sport and they will gladly answer questions you may have. Drivers are allowed as passengers in other peoples cars. This is an opportunity for you to see the course before you drive it. It is a good idea to get a ride from someone that has experience. Most of the time people will take passengers. Just ask.

Mandatory Drivers Meeting.

Drivers meeting at 9:30. All drivers are required to attend as event specific instructions and details are discussed. This meeting includes safety concerns, working procedures, run order and rules.

10:00 First car on course.


We have trophies and they are even usable. ER trophies are nice to have. Rapide Pax winners receive their awards after the final results are calculated. We finish up the event most of the time between 4:00 and 5:00.

January 16, 2016
Awards Banquet

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Event Time Schedule


2016 Autocross Calendar

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 2015 Challenge Cup Results

Challenge Cup #2, Class Results
Challenge Cup #2, Pax Results

March 22, 2015, Lone Star Park

 Challenge Cup #1, Class Results
Challenge Cup #1, Pax Results

February 22, 2015, Lone Star Park


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Autocrossing With Equipe Rapide

What is an Autocross?
An autocross is where one driver at a time negotiates a course laid out with pylons, testing their driving skill against the clock. This course generally is
set up on a large parking lot area away from any obstacles. Novice program image Speeds on these courses generally never exceed 70 MPH for the fastest modified cars. If you knock down a pylon there is a two second penalty added to your time.

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