Time Schedule for 2023 Autocross Events

Check-In 8:00-9:00

There is no on-site registration
Online registration Entry fee is normally $40.00 for Equipe Rapide members and $45.00 for non-members

Most events you will get 8 timed runs.

If you have done the Pre-pay option go to the right side of the trailer to get your card pulled and then go to the worker chief to get checked in and sign the waiver. The worker chief will be at the trailer.

Technical Inspection

Technical Inspection 8:00-9:00. Each car that competes must pass a safety inspection. The inspection includes wheel bearing tightness, tire tread (no cord showing), secure battery placement, removal of loose items inside the car, and proper brake/fluid operation. Other items my be checked by the inspection team. The number one item for not passing is a loose battery.

Novice Walk Through 8:45. At each event there will be an experienced driver to suggest the best way to negotiate the course. They will offer tips on how to complete the course and suggest paths that might provide quicker times. The walk through instructors are there to help the new drivers to the sport and they will gladly answer questions you may have. Drivers are allowed as passengers in other peoples cars. This is an opportunity for you to see the course before you drive it. It is a good idea to get a ride from someone that has experience. Most of the time people will take passengers. Just ask.

Mandatory Drivers Meeting.

Drivers meeting at 9:00. All drivers are required to attend as event specific instructions and details are discussed. This meeting includes safety concerns, working procedures, run order and rules.

9:30 First car on course.


We have trophies and they are even usable. ER trophies are nice to have. Rapide Pax winners receive their awards after the final results are calculated. We finish up the event most of the time between 4:00 and 5:00.