Autocrossing With Equipe Rapide

What is an Autocross?
An autocross is where one driver at a time negotiates a course laid out with pylons, testing their driving skill against the clock. This course generally is
set up on a large parking lot area away from any obstacles. Novice program image Speeds on these courses generally never exceed 70 MPH for the fastest modified cars. If you knock down a pylon there is a two second penalty added to your time.

Do I need to be a member of the Equipe Rapide Sports Car Club?
Membership in the club is not required. Membership does provide discount entry rates to autocross events. Single membership is $20. Family membership is $25.

How much does it cost?
Online registration Entry fee is normally $35.00 for Equipe Rapide members and $40.00 for non-members

How old do I need to be to compete?
Equipe Rapide allows any licensed drivers with a valid drivers license and have reached 18 years of age (or have a parental waver form signed by both parents or guardians). This form must be printed in color.

How do I know what class I’m in?
To keep competition fair, each car is classed according to its performance abilities. Competition classes are split into five general groups which allow increasing amounts of modifications. The five groups are Street, Street Touring, Street Prepared, Prepared, and Modified. Each of these groups are further subdivided into classes based upon theoretical and/or actual performance. Special additional classes exist for inexperienced novices, vintage cars, and custom street cars.

Novice program In the Street classification, which typically contains over half of the competing vehicles Very few modifications are allowed. Street Touring vehicles are street legal cars with extensive bolt-on performance modifications. Prepared classes contain production cars which have been extensively modified and are used only for racing. The Modified classes contain purpose- built race cars, usually single seat specials.

There are separate classes for men and woman plus a novice class for the inexperienced competitors. Women can compete in the open class if they want to.

Unstable vehicles with high center of gravity and a narrow track, including SUV’s, minivans, and 4WD pickups, are excluded from competition. Examples. Suzuki Samurai, Jeep CJ series, and GEO Tracker.

Anyone on staff can help determine what class you belong in.

Do I have to put a car number on my car?
All vehicles must display numbers and class letters on both sides of the car. Numbers should be a minimum of 8 inches high with a 1 1/4 inch stroke. Class letters must be a minimum of 4 inches high with a 3/4 inch stroke. The numbers and letters must be in contrasting colors to the car. We do not recommend using duct tape. Blue painters tape is a better choice for temporary numbers. Magnetic letters and numbers work well on most cars. A sign company like ProTape Signs & Graphics can make you some magnetic numbers that will last a long time and will look good.