Autocrossing With Equipe Rapide

What is an Autocross?

  • An autocross is where one driver at a time negotiates a course laid out with pylons, testing their driving skill against the clock. The course is generally set up in a large parking lot area away from any obstacles.

How much does it cost?

  • Our entry fee is $45 per event and you must preregister for events through AxWare. If you are planning to attend a majority of the events in a season you also have the option to pre-pay for the season at a discounted rate of $315 total for all ten events (effectively gaining you entry to 10 events for the price of 7). If you choose to pre-pay you can do so through either AxWare or PayPal.

How old do I need to be to compete?

  • Equipe Rapide allows any driver’s with a valid drivers license over the age of 18 years. For licensed drivers under the age of 18 you must have a parental waiver form signed by you parent or legal guardian. Minor waivers are available at the registration table the morning of the event.

How do I know what class I’m in?

  • To keep competition fair, each car is classed according to its performance abilities. Competition classes are split into five general. groups which allow increasing amounts of modifications. The five groups are Street, Street Touring, Street Prepared, Prepared, and Modified. Each of these groups are further subdivided into classes based on theoretical and/or actual performance. Additional class modifiers are then added to your class as appropriate- N for Novice, L for Ladies, X for Expert and M for Masters (62 years and up). Equipe Rapide utilizes the SCCA Solo Classes for our events. The SCCA Solo Classification Assistant is available at You can also reach out to us at any time if you have questions about what class you should be in. Unstable vehicles with a high center of gravity and a narrow track are excluded from competition.

Do I have to put a car number on my car?

  • Yes, all vehicles competing must display number and class letters on both sides of the car. Number should be a minimum of 8 inches high with a 1 1/4 inch stroke. Class letters must be a minimum of 4 inches high with a 3/4 inch stroke. The numbers and letters must be in contrasting colors to the car. You can either use tape (would recommend painters tape, not duct tape) for your numbers, or magnetic/vinyl letters and numbers. Your class modified such as N for Novice should also be displayed as part of your class.

This will be my first event, what should I expect?

  • First off, make sure you pre-register for the event on AxWare and review the calendar for the start of the day. When you arrive you’ll want to sign in at the table next to the trailer, get your wrist band, and sign a waiver. Everyone on site including spectators must sign the waiver. After you sign in, prep your car for technical inspection (including putting your class letters and number on the side of the car). You’ll want to make sure you don’t have anything loose in the vehicle, that your battery is secure, and that your driver’s side floor mat has been removed. Line up in the tech line and the tech team can help you from there. All vehicles that run the event must go through tech and receive a tech sticker. After that, you’ll want to make your way to the starting line for the novice walk through around 8:45. An experienced instructor/competitor will then take you through the course obstacle by obstacles, providing tips and tricks along the way. The driver’s meeting will provide instructions for the rest of the day, including your run groups and work groups. All of our autocross events are run/work events, so make sure to plan, dress, and hydrate accordingly. In addition to the novice course walk at the beginning of the event, we also try to offer instructor ride-alongs to help guide you through the course. Anyone driving in the event is also welcome to ask other competitors if you can ride with them to help you visualize the course. We welcome novices and are always happy to help in any way possible.

What do you mean by a “run/work” event?

  • Each participant in the event will complete their race runs in one heat, and work another heat. Typical work assignments include helping to pick up downed cones, scanning wristbands, or helping to set up or clean up after events. When it is your turn to work a heat, you will report to the trailer and be given your work assignment. If you leave an event without working your designated assignment your times may be deleted, and your ability to compete in events with our club in the future could be impacted. If you have specific concerns or requests, or medical necessities regarding your worker assignment please email us prior to the event so we can help to accomodate your needs.

Does Equipe Rapide allow spectators or ride alongs?

  • Spectators are allowed at our events in designated safe areas. Riders must be a registered participant with a wristband in order to ride along. EVERYONE on site must sign the waiver at the table next to the trailer, even if you are only spectating.

Do I need a helmet?

  • Helmets are required for drivers and riders. Your helmet must meet SCCA standards found here.
  • We also offer loaner helmets available immediately before your heat. Just prior to your race heat, come to the trailer with your driver’s license to check out a helmet. We will hold on to your license and give it back to you when you return the helmet.

What should I wear and what should I bring?

  • Dress according to the weather. The entirety of the event is outdoors, so please plan accordingly. Drivers should wear close-toed shoes for safety purposes. You will also want to dress appropriately for your working heat which may include running for downed cones. Bring sunscreen, snacks, plenty of water, tape/vinyl/magnets for your class and numbers, your driver’s license, and a positive attitude!

For any other questions or concerns, please reach out to us at and we would be happy to help.