Equipe Rapide will be using AXWare Systems, Online Race Management (ORM), for online registration. Online registration requires payment at the time of submitting the registration. We accept debit cards and credit cards as payment.

To Register you will need to set up your account and you will need at least one car entered in your online garage. We use regular class letters. Registration closes on Friday at midnight before each event.


How To Get Started

Online Registration Help / FAQ


The fees for 2022: includes Challenge Cup and Rapide Pax entry.

Online registrationEntry fee is normally $35.00 for Equipe Rapide members and $40.00 for non-members, but may be set higher for individual events to pay such expenses as track rental.

Online registration payments are not refundable.

Season Pre-Pay entry may be offered prior to the first event of the season. Pre-Pay is not refundable after the first event of the season.

Online registration closes the Friday before each event at midnight.

On Site Registration: There is no ON-site registration at events.

Entry fees will be refunded for failure to pass Tech, or at Eventmaster’s or Board members discretion.